Sigabit is an open source project that provides decentralized and secure financial solutions. Sigabit is like a digital cash, it can spend easily and simply online at service stores around the world.
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In 2017, more than 2 billion adults and 39% of the total population gender still has no bank account. In countries growing, that number is even higher.

If one of them includes all countries middle income and countries are development, that number will increase to numbers Giant over 3 billion people without retrieval Update your bank account, let one I have access to financial instruments Edition like debit card.

Digital payment is the solution that will supply grant the participation in the inclusion of talent It is for billions of people. The joint Small and medium enterprises (MSMs) - suppliers Local food grade, gas station, Mobile kiosk - the chain for most people, accounting for more than 6.5 trillions of dollars in annual transactions. However, less than 10% of those This merchant currently accepts payment carefully number.

SIGABIT is developed from Bitcoin Even with all those improvements, SIGABIT still uses the same DNA of Bitcoin protocol, and so it may be available sieves are integrated with ecosystems has been built around Bitcoin!

Difference of SIGABIT SIGABIT and Bitcoin Not simply private!

Moreover, the current financial infrastructure continue to reduce digital payment for MSMs. Related payment terminals to long application processes, no efficiency, connection in history has become so bad and the cost of card payment is too high to justify cash operations.

Blockchain technology and cryto offers grant an opportunity to change that. SIGABIT is intended to take advantage of these This new technology for platform development open source asset transfer. Equal That way provides tools for businesses Small businesses and their customers in these developing countries go to digital technology, The mission of SIGABIT is to help billions of dollars la not shrinking become part of Better global financial system and public more equal.

Bitcoin is not perfect. SIGABIT history Use all the technologies that Bitcoin has use and expand on them. Magnetism Private to transaction speed, ability governance, funding and, above all, structure promote: Improvements of SIGABIT ! SIGABIT will fully comply with all reviews rights to it to work, with processes Strictly on Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

SIGABIT Coin & Masternode

3-reward block division mechanism: A model that motivates the community to own better

SGB block rewards

The cost for the Button is No problem Cost of node supported powered by block rewards. Running full node becomes helpful! Number of buttons increased by the time.

Rewards for BTC

Cost for Very Necessary Button Poor Transporters button operator must pay for cost to run a full node with my own pocket money. As the network grows, operator button is spent More expensive fees should do the number of buttons decreases time.

Masternode Network

Any button continuously hold 500 SIGABIT evenly can become Masternode . "Put piles ": Helps reduce variables price dynamics. Motivation for broadcasting projects Better development is granted capital.

Benefits of owner SIGABIT Masternode

Cases of using SGB

SIGABIT Point of Sale, SIGABIT restaurant version, payment data base platform of SIGABIT Peer 2 Peer and SIGABIT will allow currency transactions of Fiat and Crypto. You can buy or sell products and Your service in Fiat and Crypto currencies in Sigabit is more efficient than ever. All platforms of We are made to run on a popular Blockchain SIGABIT to give an experience Unified for traders.

How It Works

  1. Consumers buy a product or consume a service from one Merchant uses one of these products Our products. Example: customer Order food in restaurant history Use SEGABIT's Restaurant Application.
  2. Consumers pay for property products or services that use money Fiat (eg $ USD) or Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ether or SGB).
  3. If payment is made by card Fiat Currency credit, sellers have Can decide to use Token Coin SGB to receive Direct Deposit The route instead of waiting for two working days Traditional to solve.
  4. If payment is made by cryptocurrency, payment process Get started and pay for merchants Participate in the corresponding cryptocurrency format be transferred immediately.
  5. Loyalty points are accumulated for consumers when buying products and service. Loyalty points with Sellers are accumulated on each time selling a product and service.
  6. Loyalty points can be used use when consumers either Merchants collect enough points.
  7. Loyalty points are exchanged in the Currency unit of Fiat or unit crypto SGB currency of SIGABIT or Other cryptocurrency
  8. Rate points with calculated currencies using the configurable set Built-in and Tools Oracles based on market dynamics.

SGB Model Blocks

SGB's solution is a Blockchain model Hybrid where SIGABITcore platform together with the Allegiance features and Al is in SIGABIT's own Blockchain environment and its The wallet and the Coin Balance are kept transferred between addresses at the Blockchain public level.

The SGB Model intends to support hundreds Different cryptocurrencies to increase spirituality Activated for people who hold cryptocurrency.

Communication between blockchain private and public Declaration is done through REST, JSON or other APIs.

Market opportunities

The financial technology industry is a huge market and developing

There are big incumbent technology companies that play the role of successful markets but failed to provide solutions for merchants in developing countries and solutions for cryptocurrency market:

Company name Founding date Market capitalization from 2/2/2019
First Data Corp. 1971 $16.8B USD
Paypal 1998 $70.65B USD
Square Inc 2009 $9.75B USD
At Sigabit, we believe the coordination between traditional and market payment systems cryptocurrency creates a tremendous opportunity to influence the lives of millions of people. Ecosystem Current payment processing includes many different brokers such as acquirers, issuers, portal, card network and ISO:

Card Net works

Market opportunities

Gate ways

Acquirers & Processors



SIGABIT expansion plan

The financial technology industry is a huge market and developing

Government Bank
Whitelabel Enterprise Point of Sale
Payment gateways
Peer conversion
Point of sale

Here is the sample list              small countries and regions that match the profile:

  • Myanmar
  • Indonesia
  • Ghana
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Ivory Coast
  • Dominican Republic
  • Cuba
  • Haiti
  • Congo
  • Vietnam


  • Development unifies the algorithm from the Advisory Board
  • Complete the Sigabit Coin Wallet
  • Sigabit successfully completed the first beta version with online trading
  • Constraints to get the entire asset and rights to Sigabit's team and technology
    The Sigabit team launches Pre-Sale Coin
  • Masternodes will scale up and be tested with how to use a system called "transition state".
  • Constraints to get the entire asset and rights to Sigabit's team and technology
    The Sigabit team launches Pre-Sale Coin
  • Publicize the algorithm on international exchanges
    • Sigabit completes Pre-sale and increases up to $ 1 million USD
    • Sigabit established SigabitEX, SigabitPAY, SigabitGAME, SigabitFX, SigabitREST.
    • Sigabit is expected to list the main exchanges.
    • Build Sigabit into a community coin.
    • Sigabit plans to add five new local bank partners to open markets Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.

SIGABIT Ecosystem Overview

Sigabit believes the world can become a better place with solutions Open payment and confirmation to connect merchants, consumers. . .

In the next 3 years, Sigabit will develop payment tools:

Mobile Point of Sale app for iOS and Android
Home Software goods to manage customer, real menu and staff
Peer 2peer payment technology
Our current application is in Trial phase with live customers next.

SGB Pre-sale Masternode

The coinsale use of proceeds breakdown estimates where we will need to distribute funds in the future to expand aggressively.
If possible during Research &Development we willuse the SBG Coin as added incentive to build developer community support to reduce costs.

Details of SGB Coin

  1. Choose where Bitcoin must leave, Complete the vision of Satoshi about a money system electronic face on par with real the
  2. Sigabit, not like Bitcoin, can give who holds them under as "interest rate account" for its infrastructure support


Sigabit (SGB)

Pre-sale start




Fixed Supply

17,000,000 SGB Coin

Pre-sale stop



listed on May 25 2018
Bonus Prices ($1000) Start Date End Date
7% 1250 SGB Coin Apr. 25, 2018 May. 5, 2018
7% 1110 SGB Coin May. 6,2018 May. 15, 2018
7% 1000 SGB Coin May. 16, 2018 May. 25, 2018